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A person’s adolescent years can be the most challenging stage to navigate. During this stage of life, many people are still trying to seek their purpose in life, and as time progresses, they can harbor feelings of confusion and vulnerability. We at Triumphant End-Time Ministries want to share the Word of God with the youth in the hope of assuring them that a future brimming with potential awaits them in Jesus’ plans. The TEM youth ministry welcomes teens from grades 7 to 12 in a ministry that is full of exciting, faith-inspiring, and fun activities.

Youth Service

We hold our youth ministry meetings weekly. Every Monday, we make time for each other from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM, spending the late afternoon sharing how God touches the kids’ respective student lives. We also initiate engaging programs that will help transform our youth’s social, emotional, and spiritual aspects. We hold our meetings at the Church Hall at 19 East Ashland St. Brockton, MA. If you want to learn more about the youth service enrollment and volunteer center, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Stephen Addo via

We can’t wait to meet you here at Triumphant End-Time Ministries! If you have any further questions about us or our ministries, feel free to send us a message.

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